If you are unhappy with the shape of your nose or have trouble breathing, it is possible to get surgery to rectify it. This is what Rhinoplasty is – surgery to reshape the nose or improve functioning.


It is quite common. It is one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States, especially in places like Las Vegas, which is well known for its reputable and renowned surgeons.


Are you looking to get the procedure done in Las Vegas? Well, this article will tell you more about what it is, why people get them and the procedure and recovery process.


Rhinoplasty can sometimes be referred to as a nose job. There are various aspects to it. You can choose to make the nose larger or smaller, wider or thinner, change the angle, correct any bumps, bridges or crookedness, and even modify the tip.


While this may seem daunting as the possibilities are endless, your rhinoplasty Las Vegas plastic surgeon will sit down with you to use his or her expertise to determine what the ideal nose shape and size is for your face. To help you gain a visual idea of what you will look like with the altered nose, your surgeon may even show you an “after” photo with computing imaging so you can gain realistic expectations of the result. This is where a “before” picture is taken which is then digitally manipulated to show the intended results.


This is why it is crucial that you get a reputable doctor. For example, if you are looking for the best Las Vegas  Rhinoplasty  doctors, then look for a surgeon with great reviews and feedback. Some highly regarded doctors may also have won awards in their industry. You want someone that is experienced and knowledgeable.


Why do people get Rhinoplasty?


There are multiple reasons as to why people choose Rhinoplasty  procedures. Mostly, it is to fix structural problems. Some people may simply be unhappy with the appearance of their nose and wish to modify it. Some may have suffered an injury to the nose. Others may have breathing problems and so need a Henderson Rhinoplasty  surgery as a means of fixing their health problems.


What is the procedure?


According to a Paradise Rhinoplasty doctor, it can be performed with just general or local anaesthesia or IV sedation, depending on the patient’s preference.


There are two techniques:


Closed Rhinoplasty: This is the most popular technique because it typically leaves no scars. The surgery is performed on the inside of the nose so the incisions are hidden.


Open Rhinoplasty: Another option is for the surgeon to create an incision across the columella. This is the small area between the two nostril holes. This technique means that the nose cartilage and bone will be more accessible to the surgeon though it may leave a small scar.


The next steps in the rhinoplasty Las Vegas procedure greatly depend on what the patient wants. There are different types of rhinoplasty:


Reduction Rhinoplasty: The nose is altered to be more in proportion with the rest of the facial features. Common techniques include fixing any bumps or bridges on the nose, which may involve removing small amounts of bone or cartilage.


Augmentation Rhinoplasty: This is where the surgeon rhinoplasty Las Vegas surgeon builds the bridge or nasal tip. This is done through bone or tissue grafting, or even sometimes using cartilage from other parts of the nose.


Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty: If the patient has suffered an injury to the nose such as a broken nose, then this type of procedure is designed to correct appearance and functionality. These means that the nose could be straightened, or re-fractured and re-set.


How to recover after a rhinoplasty


Recovery time after a rhinoplasty can take up to several weeks. To help maximise recovery time, it is best for the patient to get plenty of rest and ensure that your head is elevated for several days following the surgery.


A splint will be placed on your nose following the surgery. It is best to keep it on for at least one-week post-op. Any internal stitching will dissolve on its own while external stitching will be taken out during this time frame as well.


For a while, your face may feel puffy and the areas around your eyes and nose may be bruised and have a little sweeping. However, the swelling and bruising only typically lasts for 10-14 days.


Regardless of whether you are looking to get a nose job Las Vegas for structural or breathing reasons, it is important that you find a reputable and renowned surgeon that can give you the results and reassurance you are looking for. It is a common procedure that can help boost a person’s self-esteem and change lives. so talk to your Henderson rhinoplasty today