A Guide to Buyers of Terpenes

You have a pristine distillate and your marketing team has already identified the effects and flavors customers are asking for. It basically seems the most complicated job is done however, there’s still an important business decision to make which can make or break all of your product line and brand name.

While it is very easy to see these compounds as a cost saving opportunity or even a commodity, the truth is that the performance and flavor of your vape will be the lasting impression which your product leaves with the consumers. The following are some of the few simple considerations which can save you from delivering the underperforming or under-flavored product by sourcing quality compounds of terpenes:

1. Purity

Pure blends of terpenes and some other concentrated flavors are actually carrier-free. This means no cutting substance such as propylene glycol, medium chain triglycerides (often fractionated coconut oil), polyethylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin.

While these substances or agents are usually added to your vape products, they are not needed and apart from managing material viscosity, in fact, they give little benefit to your actual experience. In addition to that, there is a rising debate as to whether these are safe to take in vaporized form.

The reason why you look at purity is if you are not careful with the sourcing, you might not realize that the aromatics are already being cut with unwanted substances. These ingredients will decrease the effectiveness and provide you with less control of the viscosity ratio of your flavor. Unluckily, it’s a common practice for suppliers to put cutting substances to your terpene blends in order to improve profit margins and because the difference is obvious, the packaging might not show their presence. You should always look for proof that the compounds of the terpenes you’re sourcing are carrier-free.

2. Potency

This is somewhat redundant however, when the aromatics are cut with substances which do not improve the effect or flavor of the terpene blends, the outcome is terpenes lacking potency. A potent terpene allows for the most robust aroma, effects and flavor. Also, they provide creators with more control when dealing with the ideal viscosity. For example, your hardware works best when the formulation is 5 percent diluent and/or aromatics and 95 percent distillate. If your terpenes are not potent and pure, the remaining 5 percent is more likely not enough to make sure the flavor is as bold as you would want it to be. This might also force your business to go to the market with underwhelming experiences or compromising the performance of your hardware by improving the viscosity above the ideal level, risking brand damage and leaking carts.

3. Analyzed

When you are going to buy terpenes, knowing exactly what’s in the products is very important to ensure quality and safety, especially in an unregulated space where ingredient and labeling statements are usually lacking vital information.

When buying your flavor compounds and terpenes, it is highly recommended to request certificates of analysis for the finished products. These laboratory results are a good sign of product transparency and quality business practices.

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